Customs Services




Tariff classification, assessment and update.
International freight quote.
Withdrawal of purchase orders for the various providers.
Pre-shipment inspections and quality controls.
Turning on-line tracking of customer orders.
Consultancy and international freight.
Provision of Containers / Isotanks / Flexitank.
Preparation of the necessary documentation Origin.


documentacionDocumentation of Import:

Control and documentation received from abroad.
Removing air waybills of different companies, with their freight and handling payments.
Withdrawal of Bills of Lading sea of different agencies, with the corresponding payment of freight and handling.
Uploading information business systems (SAP / JD Edwards).


Clearance and Import Operations:

Constant Advice Foreign Trade regulations and Consulting modificaciones.despacho Advice on all matters relating to the operation and regulation of tax deposits.
Tariff Classification.
Change in tariff.
Offices of Import, royalties, duties, taxes and services, to the Customs in Buenos Aires, Ezeiza and the interior of the country, with the subsequent delivery of goods nationalized.
Deconsolidation of loads.
Transits land.
Temporary Imports (includes maintenance of balance and maturity).
Retirement Parcel Post.
Land transport, air and sea.
Previous interventions before various official bodies.
Transfers Deposits Customs.
Industrial specialization scheme / Disc. S.I. · 2641/92.
Turnkey Plant System / Res 256/00.
Shipments staggered.
Processing of Special schemes to the Ministry of Industry.

D – Export Documentation:

Reception by signing the documentation.
Control meets Letter of Credit and Collections.
Book Cellar: air, sea and land.
Preparation and processing of Certificate of Origin Mercosur, before the various chambers.
Preparation and processing of Certificate of Origin for the CEE / Form. «A».
Preparation and processing of bill of lading, to the Maritime Agency.
Consular Procedures and Payment of Fees.



Office and Export Operations:

Tariff Classification.
Boarding Permit Preparation.
Coordination of international freight transport and monitoring.
Previous interventions before various official bodies.
Application of Draw-Back.
Control, activation and monitoring reimbursements to the General Directorate of Customs.


entregaSample Post:

We ship your samples anywhere in the world.
Door to door service.
Delivery of drugs.
competitive rates.


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